What does ‘Art Hard’ Mean?

‘Art Hard’ is the mantra/catchphrase I came up with to describe my personal art philosophy. Essentially it means to go all out, to put as much effort, sweat, thought, and feeling as you possibly can into every piece like it was the last one you will ever get to make, like it was your last chance to touch the future.

When I first got into this carving thing I was coming out of a serious health situation and I wasn’t really sure how much art I would be able to make. I had very limited resources and zero training or education, so  I knew that in order to actually make a go of it I would have to bring something to the table other than resources, education, or training.

Most people think the pictures you see on this website were brought about by that magical force known as ‘talent’, the mystical gift that is only bestowed upon the lucky by destiny. In reality they were brought about by an admittedly insane level of work and focus and willpower.

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